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Albany Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

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Patrol Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

A Patrol collar is an upright collar attached to Military No1 Dress Coats. The edges meet but do not overlap at the front. It is attached by five short collar studs, which are sewn in to the No 1 jacket collar..
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Imperial Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

The Imperial is an upright collar, late Victorian in origin and is the predecessor to the wing collar. It is worn with a tie and is suitable for a Nehru style jacket. 2" High
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Grafton Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

The Grafton Collar is a deeper version of the Windsor. It is used for court wear or when worn socially on formal occasions with bow tie and tailcoat, or a cravat with a morning suit Suitable for the gentleman with a longer neck (approx. depth 2 1/4"/5.7 cm).
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Double Rounded Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

The Double Rounded is best described as a traditional Edwardian collar with the points rounded off and narrow spacing, which compliments a small knotted tie.
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Arundel Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

The Arundel Collar is cutaway in style, similar to the Albany but with a rounded edge.
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Cameron Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

The Cameron Collar is a deeper version of the Albany and again is more suitable for a larger knot and for the gentleman with a longer neck. The Albany and Cameron are the most popular designs when chosen for morning wear.
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Windsor Stiff Detachable Shirt Collar

Windsor collars are traditionally worn in court by judges, QCs, barristers, solicitors and clerks of the court, together with legal bands. When worn on formal, social occasions, they are worn with a bow tie, e.g. White tie and tails (approx. depth 1 5/8"/4.13 cm)
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Front and Back Collar Studs for Tunic Shirts (One Pair)

A pair of collar studs to attach your stiff collar to your tunic (collarband) shirt
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Traditional Collarband Tunic Shirt for your Stiff collar

Classic Fit Pure White Cotton Tunic Shirt with Double Cuff and collar band for Stiff collar
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